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Index bio-bibliographicus notorum hominum
The Bio-bibliographic Index of Names - Entomologists in Croatia

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Bogomir Milošević, Zagreb



     The History of Entomology in Croatia has not been written yet, although certain parts have already been treated. I hope that some day a group of experts shall appear which will perform this task and fill in the gaps, based on the existing, as well as new contributions. One among these tasks shall be to make a list of names and sources of biographic and bibliographic data. My desire in putting these pages on the network was to contribute to the making of such a list.
     In his capital work on the history of Entomology in Croatia: The Pionners of the research on the insects of Dalmatia, Guido Nonveiller has treated the area of Dalmatia, while he also gave numerous pieces of information for the continental part of Croatia. His exceptional book is the basis for entomology history in Croatia and its neighbouring countries. Still, the data will have to be updated for the entire country, and so, the present page should be of assistance in this work, as well as for serving daily needs and facilitating orientation through so many names.
     The present Index of Names comprises the following groups of individuals on whom data exist in publications or collections:
    1. Biologists professionally or only occasionally engaged in entomology; 2. amateurs of various callings; 3. collectors and merchants; 4. individuals recorded as assisting entomologists; 5. persons of various callings who wrote about insects and their related animal groups, and 6. names we come across when studying ento-museology and entomology history in Croatia.
     Their contribution, be it more or less extensive, is incorporated into the History of Entomology in Croatia. Recorded are also the names of those still active in the area of entomology in Croatia, if there are biographic and/or bibliographic data on them, or if they are known to research the entomofauna of Croatia.
    The list also includes the names of few Croatians who were born or moved abroad, and there achieved major results in entomology.
    The references accompanying the names of persons constitute material for bio-bibliographic information. In some cases, lacking other data, or as an example, an article by the said author was listed. In some references, the data complement each other, while in others they point to different views of the author in question. In a considerable number of encyclopaedic and other references, the authors do not mention the entomological activity of the person they wrote about, so that the present material may also serve as a compound to biographies.

    The contribution to the materials for the history of entomology is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Guido Nonveiller, DSc (1913-2002), who provided the iniciative for researching entomology history, as well as the most significant contribution for the History of Entomology in Croatia (The Pionners of the research on the insects of Dalmatia, Zagreb, 1999).

     Entomology is here understood in a broader sense, including insects and their related groups of animals, as well as general and applied entomology. More on the contents of this bio-bibliographic material will be found in Supplement 1 (currently in preparation, in Croatian).
    The surname and name of every person in the index is listed in the form compiled by the author of the index from various sources. The data that follow are also the author’s compilation or opinion, with the purpose of facilitating the identification of the person in question and hence do not constitute any judgment of his or her possible contribution to entomology. In some cases, additional explanations were needed, listed in square brackets. Similar explanations from the references quoted are listed in special brackets i.e. between the simbols < and > in the continuation of the reference, sometimes even without brackets.
    I thank my colleagues who have helped me to collect the data. I thank in advance all those who shall be forwarding me their remarks and suggestions concerning the contents of the present pages. Their names shall be listed in further versions.
Translated by Aleksandra Marija Chwalowsky


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